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Hearing warriors tell their stories can help fellow warriors know that they have not been left behind. Reading stories from fellow warriors lets these men and women know that they aren't in this fight alone.

David Parish

David Parish's Story

Retired Sgt. First Class, David Parish, kept his struggle with suicidal thoughts to himself because he felt others would judge him if he reached out for help. After attempting suicide, he received help and support from his leaders, peers, and loved ones in addition to the Military Health System (MHS). Sgt. First Class Parish now wants to make sure his fellow warriors understand they don't have to struggle alone. They must seek help early and utilize the MHS resources.

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Sgt Mjr Brookshire

Bryan afer his accident (left) and today (right).

Bryan's Story

Bryan enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2004. In 2006, he went to fight for our country in Iraq. Luckily, that year, Bryan survived not one, but two improvised explosive device (I.E.D) blasts.

Bryan, who was the driver of the Humvee during one of the explosions, suffered the worst injuries of the four Marines in the vehicle. He was knocked unconscious from the impact of the bomb and, while being treated in the field, a military doctor conducted an emergency tracheotomy and nicked one of Bryan's arteries. Bryan also had shattered his pelvis, which caused him to bleed internally. On the verge of death, Bryan underwent a 6 unit blood transfusion, and nobody thought he would make it out of his medically-induced coma alive.

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Sgt Mjr Brookshire

Sgt. Maj. Matthew B. Brookshire, Combat Center Sergeant Major, sits with his wife, Tracie, before his retirement ceremony begins at Lance Cpl. Torrey L. Gray Field Aug. 19, 2013.
*Image info: (U.S. government photo by Cpl William Jackson/released)

A Message from Sergeant Major Brookshire.

Written by Sgt. Mjr. Matthew B. Brookshire.

To all the Marines and Sailors of 2/7 (OEF, 2008),

March-December 2008. What do these dates mean to you? To me, these were some of the best and worst days of my life. The best in the fact that I had the honor to be the Sgt. Maj. of 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines and got to serve alongside all of you. The worst in the fact that, while deployed, we lost 20 of our brothers (including our 1 terp) and had over 150 of you wounded. No matter what I do from this point on, my time with 2/7 will be the highlight of my Marine Corps career. I am proud, as each of you should be, of all the battalion accomplished while deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. The entire battalion fought with such honor and courage each and every day. All of you have my upmost respect and admiration, and I will forever consider each of you my brothers. Thank you for all you did and continue to do for our Country and Corps.

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purple heart marine

I'm Not a Hero

Written by Jared, a Combat Marine and Purple Heart Recipient

I'm not a hero, I'm not a warrior, I'm nothing. I'm just trying to be normal. What the hell is wrong with that? I hate when people tell stories about me and say "this is a hero, he got blown up for you" or "he's a Marine don't fuck with him." The truth is the day I was wounded I switched positions with my team and myself and another Marine took the blast. I'm very lucky that I survived, I'm not sure if my other team members would have. But my team got me out of there and made sure that I would live along with my other brothers of 2/3. They are my family and I love them more than anyone could imagine.

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lee and belle

The Story of Lee and Belle: A Boy and His Dog Discover Life

Written by Lee, a Combat Marine and Purple Heart Recipient

August of 2009 was the day of my retirement from the Marine Corps. After spending the better part of my youth following orders, I was looking forward to doing what I chose without having to ask for approval or permission. I began to celebrate by drinking every day. Anything alcoholic, anything to calm my nerves, hoping to silence the demons in my head. A by- product of my time in the grunts. As odd as it may sound, I never found it productive to engage in the use of illicit drugs. However, I chain smoked, I was in toxic relationships, I had terrible eating habits. I self-sabotaged in every aspect of my life. Like many service members, I come from a broken childhood. Unhealthy relationships are familiar to me.

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purple heart marine

Father and Son: Brothers in the Corps

Written by Jared, a Combat Marine and Purple Heart Recipient

To you Dad Happy Fathers Day,
The EGA (Eagle, Globe, & Anchor) [tattooed] on my chest. It is a tribute to my father and me. I got it right after boot camp and you can see the 65" and 05". I graduated boot on Parris Island almost to the exact date of my father 40 years later. We had earned our title of Marine on the same grinder and it was also the start of a friendship and brotherhood my father and I had so longed for.

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Quotes from Marines

Brothers, we are here for each other; the world will never understand us or ever care. But it's what we do to make things better. It's in our blood, and we will fight always to make things right.

--2/3 Marine

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