Voices: Quotes from Marines

A series of quotes from Marines about their thoughts on the reintegration process.

Emotions like fear aren't things to be ignored or avoided--they can be used as fuel to ignite a passionate life.

--Staff Sergeant, USMC

Behold, the veteran in his most unnatural environment--home. Contemplating reintegration and our place in society is a huge point of frustration for those who returned to realize a heavy incongruence with the society they set out to defend.

--Sergeant, USMC

Let go of trying to control your emotions; only then will you come to peace with your own fear.

--Staff Sergeant, USMC

Whenever your backpack is too full, some of us are here to help [ease] your load, even if it is just [providing] breakfast and a quiet place to talk.

--Corporal, USMC

Although our loved ones may never share this intimate perspective, we veterans will oftentimes not ever understand the agony of those we left at home.

--Sergeant, USMC

Brothers, we are here for each other; the world will never understand us or ever care. But it's what we do to make things better. It's in our blood, and we will fight always to make things right.

--2/3 Marine

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