Voices: I'm Not a Hero

The following was written by Jared, a Combat Marine and Purple Heart recipient.

I'm not a hero, I'm not a warrior, I'm nothing. I'm just trying to be normal.

What the hell is wrong with that? I hate when people tell stories about me and say "this is a hero, he got blown up for you" or "he's a Marine don't fuck with him." The truth is the day I was wounded I switched positions with my team and myself and another Marine took the blast. I'm very lucky that I survived, I'm not sure if my other team members would have. But my team got me out of there and made sure that I would live along with my other brothers of 2/3. They are my family and I love them more than anyone could imagine.

Yes I am a Marine and I spent 13 weeks in Parris Island I spent another 11 weeks in SOI and then another 7 months training with my company and I spent another 28 days with them in Iraq fighting in an unforgiving country.

After I was wounded I spent almost 4 years taking care of Marines and Sailors that have been wounded by battle. I have held the hands of dying Marines and dead Marines. I have been there to grieve with families. I have been there for the Marines that have been so wounded that their only choice in this world is to end their lives because they felt the world will not accept them.

I have given my heart to this country in the name of them, I will never forget them. The true Heroes, the true warriors are the men that gave everything they are so much braver than me.

Everyday I find myself looking for them and trying to find their strength. I fail and I fail miserably.

I have put a gun in mouth and dared myself to pull the trigger. I have driven my truck into a telephone pole. But they will not let me. They know that it is a coward's way out, that I need to live to tell their stories. That they are never forgotten.

Brothers we are here for each other; the world will never understand us or ever care. But it's what we do to make things better. It's in our blood and we will fight always to make things right.

God bless you all, I love you all, and I miss it everyday.

Semper Fi!
Old Man Out!

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