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Dr. Bridget CantrellWe are very fortunate to continue our work with Dr. Bridget Cantrell as a volunteer member of the Warrior Support Team to help bring the best resources and information to our warriors as well as to their family members and caregivers.

Dr. Cantrell is the author of numerous books on post-traumatic stress, warrior reintegration, and how to provide support to those navigating the reintegration process. These books have been well-received by family members, fellow mental health experts, and, most importantly, the warriors themselves.

If you are a recovering or reintegrating warrior, we would like to provide you with a set of Dr. Cantrell's books free of charge. Click here to contact us and request your free books today.

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Souls Under Siege

An Excerpt from Souls Under Siege

When a person leaves home to serve in the military, they are stepping out of one world into another. In most cases, they are thrust into a new environment overnight where they must readily adapt and learn to survive with a new set of rules in unfamiliar surroundings. A new warrior (soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine) must strive to become a working participant in this new life. In the process, he or she usually develops a new persona and identity within this new "community." From day one of boot camp/basic training, they begin to change, and it is the drill cadre's primary job to facilitate this metamorphosis. Combining this with the tremendous personal danger and stress of wartime duty, a family member can easily see how their loved one will have changed during their time of service. This can be alarming for the unprepared family members. It is important to know that they probably will never get back their loved one in the same state of mind in which they left.

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Make it a Happy Holiday

For many military families, the holiday season may be a very stressful time of year, particularly for those with a loved one deployed. This time of year may also be stressful for warriors going through the reintegration process.

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Dr. Cantrell

From Where I Come

I've been writing and speaking with many of you for awhile and thought it would be good to re-familiarize you with some of my "backtrail" on working with the troops. Perhaps it will also help those who are new members and readers acquaint themselves with my work.

In a May 24, 2004 response to an invitation by the U.S. Army, my co-author, Chuck Dean and I journeyed overseas to meet with the troops of the 173d Airborne Brigade upon their redeployment from northern Iraq. Over the course of a year our relationship with the 173d Airborne Brigade had been formed through an ongoing e-mail exchange with the chaplains on the ground in Iraq. These were the paratroopers of the 173d that made the night combat jump in early 2003 to open up and secure the northern front in Iraq.

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The Battle at Home

Deployed Marines are subjected to daily rigors while deployed to a combat zone. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually Marins are being stretched beyond what they may have thought was humanly possible. Due to multiple deployments and the daily exposure to events that are, potentially, very traumatizing, we are seeing more disruption in the sleep cycles, poor anger management, escalation in domestic violence, and increased alcohol consumption when Marines return to civilian society.

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Why is Adjusting After Returing From War so Difficult?

"Why is Adjusting After Returing From War so Difficult?"

This is a prevailing question that comes up wherever I go. I would like to address it today.

That question is: Why are many of the adjustments so difficult for both family members and service members when the deployment is over and they have arrived home?

Both parties, Marines and family members, must be open and honest with how these aspects of adjustment impact their lives. Likewise, compounding the issue of experiencing a life-altering event such as war certainly adds to the challenge.

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