Combat Reintegration and Suicide Education

Combat Reintegration

If you are the parent of a combat Marine who is struggling with reintegration, please contact us. We offer education and a place to connect and share with others who understand the helplessness you may be feeling. We have been in touch with far too many veterans and veteran families affected by suicide from suicide attempt survivors to families mourning the unbearable loss of their loved one to suicide. Our Marine Parents Founder said it best: "One suicide is too many. One more suicide is too late."

A letter from our Founder, September 17, 2016

I sent a newsletter a few weeks ago asking parents of Marines to be mindful of the journey each Marine family takes and to understand we can each be in a different level of emotions in that journey depending on what stage of the Corps our Marine is in. From boot camp, to deployment, to combat, to after the Corps; each stage involves different emotions. I ask you today to be mindful as well as you read this newsletter.

Each time I try to write about Marines who have died by suicide, something happens to pull me back from sharing with you. Today my heart goes out to Deb, a long-time volunteer of; her 3/8 Marine son died by suicide last night. Two years ago, my heart went out to Marie. The year before, to Marissa. Two weeks ago to Tim and Kathy. My heart is truly breaking for these Marine parents.

Marie asked me to help her in her quest to prevent Marine suicide. This is for you Marie. For Marissa. For Deb. For Tim and Kathy.

This newsletter is for the parents of Marines who have been combat deployed and are now struggling with reintegration into the civilian world. I'm pretty certain that if your Marine was combat deployed, you feel a need to learn and understand all you can about reintegration whether it's one year or fifteen years after combat. If your Marine is struggling or has become distant from you or other family members, you are likely searching for answers and looking for other parents who understand what you may be going through.

As an organization we have been taking steps quietly, in the background, to educate parents who ask. We established WST, Warrior Support Team, as a place for information and to provide a place to connect and share about combat recovery and reintegration. I've always kept quiet about these issues because of my own personal fears.

My fears can no longer stand in the way. I'm looking for you, the parent who continued to read this newsletter because your Marine is struggling. Please, if this is you, contact me today to let me know a little about your post 9/11 Marine's struggles with reintegration after combat. Please include information that would be pertinent for me to understand the battalion and time frame deployed. I make no promises, but I can tell you we hope to help by providing you with information and a place to connect and share with others.

If you are the parent of a suicide Marine, please let me know if you would like a place to connect and share with others in a private online community.

One suicide is too many; one more suicide is too late. Let's join forces to educate and support one another. Let's help Marie in her wish to prevent Marine suicide. Through our own education and sharing with one another, we can take another step to help our struggling Marines.

God Bless and Semper Fi,

Tracy Della Vecchia
Founder and Executive Director, Inc.

You may email me directly or contact the corporate office, 573-449-2003

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